Welcome to IARSS 2012

The Iron Age Research Student Symposium returns to the University of Southampton in this, its 15th year. A tradition of debate and research updates focused on the arena of the Late Bronze Age up to the Late Iron Age will be continued, with the chance to present research in a unique and friendly atmosphere.

This year’s event will be organised and hosted by postgraduate students from the University of Southampton’s Archaeology department from the 31st of May to the 3rd of June.

On Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd of June, papers will be presented in a 15-20 minute format divided into two sessions per day, complemented by the presentation of posters displayed throughout the venue. The discussion session will be lead by experts in the area providing young researchers the chance to improve their work, receive feedback and generate new paths for developing further studies.

In the fun spirit of previous years, there will be an optional dinner hosted at one of Southampton’s finest culinary hotspots incorporating the annual IARSS quiz and plenty of opportunities to socialise and discuss the archaeological insights gleaned during the two days of discussion!

The event will conclude with an optional fieldtrip to the pristine (read unploughed) Iron Age landscape of Dorset on Sunday the 3rd of June.

The registration is open for all postgraduate students interested in this period in Britain, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

All enquiries should be directed to:

Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz at r.pacheco-ruiz@soton.ac.uk

Pete Girdwood at pdg105@soton.ac.uk